Monday, 07 April 2008

Good Morning...

Monday afternoon, going on about 8 days since I moved into the new apartment & iPrimus are still not providing my with the internet service I pay for! Anyhoo that's another story

This weekend I had the pleasure in being able to shoot my first 'pop' show, and who bigger than Celine Dion - she is highly regarded in the industry as a truly gifted singer & sells out shows around the world. I got the call on Friday afternoon, so it was a nice surprise for the weekend - especially after I received an email stating the otherwise 2 weeks ago.

David Youdell & myself arrived at about 8:15pm ahead of the 8:30pm request time & noticed Getty Images shooter standing inside the Acer Arena halls to our surprise, we were assuming the traditional box office meet with the Coppell rep...however after an initial problem with door security due to our equipment, we made it inside.

Things were a little behind schedule, we made our way inside to the awaiting audience (whom might I add paid a premium price for front row seats) where we waiting till about 9:05pm - with a few relieved spectators who questioned the length of our presence - one song access for this one folks!

Once took the stage & opened with Drive All Night, there was no question that the crowd were not going to sit around...everyone stood up & started dancing along with the woman they were all there to see.

To my surprise, Celine puts on a suprisingly energetic performance given the genre she falls into - I was anticipating a gentle creature to charm the crowd with her high notes, that definitely was not the case, she puts in as much energy & movement as a rock act.