Sunday, 21 December 2008

With 2008 coming to a close, I give you a selection of some of my favourite shots taken by me during the year.

I look forward to 2009, who knows what lies around the corner for me.

Merry Christmas & Safe New Years to all!


Sunday, 21 December 2008 13:16:07 (W. Australia Standard Time, UTC+08:00)
 Thursday, 08 May 2008

Last night seen a sold out Hordern Pavillion crowd rocking out to the tunes of BFMV, A7X & Atreyu.

This was the second time in a year that I've been able to shoot BFMV & it was great to see them bring a bigger stage production this time...the definitely were the highlight of my night, Atreyu were also good however A7X seemed to lack any punch so after my 3song limit I exited the building.

Hopefully it will not be long before BFMV head back to our shores, the know how to put on a great show...mixed with killer riffs & melodic vocals, you're destined to enjoy

As for upcoming shows, Rogue Traders is a maybe for next week + Jona from IKTPQ is giving me an AAA pass to cover their sold out farewell tour show @ UNSW Roundhouse, look forward to some killer shots there.


Thursday, 08 May 2008 20:29:16 (W. Australia Standard Time, UTC+08:00)