Saturday, 02 February 2008

We decided to buy Panda a new playmate today.

Ventured in to the nearest RSPCA shelter to take in a stray, 2hours later we had to leave because it is 'procedure' to call our landlord to check that we are allowed to have pets in the unit....unfortunate but understandable, so they don't get many returns

After that disappointment we raced in to Parramatta Westfield Pets World 5minutes before closing time & picked up this little man - fullscreen views can be seen at my deviantArt gallery - we are still yet to name him, Gonzo & Top Hat have been the recent suggestions...anyone else with a possible name, comments below!

For those who don't know, we picked up Panda after losing our Zoe 3days after returning from a month in Perth...we took her in to get her de-sexed & received a phone call to say she went in to cardiac arrest immediately after the anesthetic was injected, we didn't want to have an empty house, so we took in a stray which was residing at the Vet during the time...Panda is a lil nutter kitty, always wants to play!

This was our awesome Zoe before she passed away.


Saturday, 02 February 2008 19:51:22 (W. Australia Standard Time, UTC+08:00)